Monday, 19 March 2012

How to goback/use Kies update after using ODIN,Rooting or Custom Firmware : Video Guide

Before you update your phone using ODIN or root your phone, an obvious question comes to your mind "Whether I will be able to get Samsung official firmware updates Via Kies in Future?". Well its possible now. I don`t know how many of you used CheckFus Application which we have published sometimes back. There is one more simple App available from same developer Johan which can help you getting official Kies Updates even after rooting/ODIN/Custom firmwares. We have made a detailed Video Guide for our readers to do it without any mistake. Read on for more details.

This article will answer below questions -

Can I go back to Kies updates after using ODIN?
Can I install official Firmware from Kies if I am running on a custom firmware?
Will Kies detect my phone for software updates?
Can I update to a different region firmware using Samsung Kies?
Can I use Samsung Kies Firmware update from a rooted phone?

Here is the answer -


  • You need a rooted phone. Make sure to update SU binaries by going to settings in Super user App.
  • Samsung Kies Installed on your PC
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  • Install BusyBox installer App on your phone (BusyBox Google Play link)
  • Open BusyBox installer and click on install. (Grant Superuser Access)
  • Install SpoofFW App on you phone (Google Play Link Free App or Donation APP)
  • Now open the SpoofFW App and grant superuser permissions to it.
  • First Backup your settings by clicking on Backup button
  • Now click on Left touch button to goto Menu and click on Presets and select the country and region you want
  • Now click on Step to and then click on Reboot
  • Once Phone restarts, open the SpoofFW App Again
  • Now again goto Presets using Left touch button and select the same region
  • Now Click on Step 3
Thats it

Now it will show a message "Phone and CSC have been updated. You can now Connect to Kies!"

Now you can connect to Kies and you will see that you can update firmware using KIES now. (Refer Video)

Thanks to Johan for SpoofFW and  Stephen (Stericson) for BusyBox (Guys consider buying Donation version to support Developer

Disclaimer - 
*Playing with Phone EFS is a risky process ... Do it at your own risk*