Friday, 3 May 2013

Galaxy S4 Less internal memory problem

Galaxy S4 is a powerhouse from core and beats almost all benchmarks. Lost of fancy stuff is available in Galaxy S4 which can impress anyone but are we missing something? Galaxy S4 was announced with three variants of internal memory 16GB, 32 GB & 64 GB. It has been over a week of release and still we don`t have any information on it. But that's not the point we are discussing here. This is something which you will surprise you, its internal memory storage available out of your advertised 16GB. Read on for details.

Galaxy S4 16 GB version shows a available memory of 9.62 GB for your use. That means 6.38 GB is taken by system files and other inbuilt stuff.


Below is the pic showing comparison between S3 and S4

This may improve with future OTA / KIES firmware updates for Galaxy S4. But as of now you have only one option left to use external SD card slot. But since Galaxy S4 is capable of playing and recording 1080p stuff you should consider buying a Class 10 high speec memory card. We suggest you to buy this 32 GB one which will give you 29.71 GB of extended space.

Sandisk 32GB class 10 memory card

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